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Trophy Hunting KIds Story

Trophy hunting is hunting of wild animals as trophies, ...

  • English


Past Tense Pronunciation for Regular Verbs (-ed) Rule 1...

  • English

the 8 parts of speech

let us learn what are the parts of speech, have fun whi...

  • English
  • English Language Exams


This organized study note/ reviewer tackles about short...

  • Psychology

FREETALK for adults

Freetalk topic is great for coversation al English tra...

  • English

Reading Comprehension

Here are six essential skills needed for reading compre...

  • English
  • English Language Exams

Adult Conversation

A phrase used by American politicians to imply their op...

  • English

Practice Speech

Speech therapy sentences may be easy to find online, bu...

  • English

Basic Grammar Rules

we have 18 Basic grammar Rules hope that it will help y...

  • English
  • English Language Exams

Test your English Vocabulary us in Elementary

can be used on its own or with the companion. It is a h...

  • English

Talk a Lot Elementary 1

Talk a Lot is a great new way to learn spoken English, ...

  • English

Ella Enchanted

Ella Encanted is a fairytale stories for children. is a...

  • English

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